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Size guide

Ring size guide

Ring size guide


  1. Right-click on the image above and select 'Save Image As.'
  2. Print the image at 100% scale (make sure scaling is turned off).
  3. Measure the gray bottom section - it should be 3.5 inches from end to end.
  4. Cut out the size guide (the upper part), and wrap the paper around the desired finger.
  5. The number closest to ' Read Size Here ' will be your size (Note: if you are in between two sizes, it is best to round up one size).

Ring size table

Size 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Length (mm) 47 49 52 55 57 60 62 65 67 70

If you don't have a printer

  1. Cut a thin strip of paper, approx. 10-12 cm long.
  2. Wrap the paper strip tightly around the desired finger.
  3. Use a pen or pencil to mark the point where the paper overlaps itself.
  4. Lay the paper strip on a flat surface and use a ruler to measure the distance from the end of the strip to the mark you made, in millimeters. This will give you a measurement of the circumference of your finger.
  5. Use the chart below to convert your measurement to our standard ring sizes.
  6. If you're two sizes up, it's always best to round up rather than down.

Bracelet size guide

All our bracelet sizes are listed with a measurement in inches.
Watch the video below and follow the steps to determine your size.

  1. Wrap a string around your wrist.
  2. Make sure you leave enough slack to allow the bracelet to move freely around the wrist.
  3. Pinch where the bracelet overlaps between two fingers and remove the string from your wrist.
  4. Continue to pinch the string at this point and place it on a flat surface. With the other hand, mark this point on the string using a pen.
  5. In inches, measure from the end of the string to the mark you made.
  6. Your size is the measurement in inches (ie a measurement of 7" means you should order a size 7). If you're two sizes up, it's always best to round up instead of down.

Necklace size guide

Size (inches) Length (cm) Detail
16'' 40 Loose but close to the neck
18'' 45 Hangs at the collarbone
20'' 50 Hangs past the collarbone
22'' 55 Falls at the top of the chest
24'' 61 Sits on the middle of the chest

Use this image as an example.


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