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Zoom 3mm Flare Chain + Cross Pendant Set in White Gold
Zoom 3mm Flare Chain + Cross Pendant Set in White Gold
Zoom 3mm Flare Chain + Cross Pendant Set in White Gold
Zoom 3mm Flare Chain + Cross Pendant Set in White Gold

3mm Flare Chain + Cross Pendant Set in White Gold

1.750,- Regular price 2.500,-
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The set includes:
  • 3mm Flare Necklace
  • Cross pendant

This beautiful set is perfect for those who want to wear their faith around their neck. With its stunning design and craftsmanship, this set is sure to turn heads and make a statement. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just want to add a touch of luxury to your everyday look, this set is a must-have.

  • Material Options: 18k White Gold. 18k Gold plated
  • Stones: North VVS diamond simulated stones.

    Stores in our industry mark up their products 8-10 times the actual cost. We do things differently. To bring luxury within reach, NORTH products are exclusively at www. . This allows us to skip the retail markup and pass the savings directly to you.

    NOK 2,500
    Tradisjonelle GullsmedNOK 4,600
    14k Gold-BondedLaboratory Created Diamond Stones

    NORTHS' laboratory simulated diamond stones are a luxurious and more affordable choice for our studded jewellery. We offer both clear and colored stones for versatility.

    14k Gold-BondedRhodium finish

    Made with a nickel-free copper and zinc alloy and finished in rhodium, giving it the brilliant appearance and durability of white gold. Rhodium is a rare and valuable precious metal chosen for its brilliance, strength and rarity.

    14k Gold-Bonded

    3mm Flare Chain + Cross Pendant Set in White Gold

    1.750,- Regular price 2.500,-


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    Abdullah D.
    Elsket det

    Kjøpte det som gave og svigersøster elsket det 🤩

    Remi L.

    Har enda ikke fått hentekode eln, sikkert fine chains men kan jo ikke hente de

    Hei Remi,

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    Vi setter pris på din tålmodighet og er her for å hjelpe til med eventuelle ytterligere spørsmål du måtte ha.

    Med vennlig hilsen,

    Kundeservice, ICE FROM NORTH

    Roy L.L.

    Kanall smykke veldig fornøyd med kvaliteten og utseende

    John H.

    Stilige og fresh.

    Kimberly R.

    Er kjempe fornøyd, elsker det!!

    Aleksandra K.

    Elsker smykke jeg kjøpte hos dere. Fått så mange fine kommentarer og den sitter helt nydelig. Kommer til og handle oss dere igjen<3

    Nada H.

    Flare Halskjede - 6mm Hvitt Gull


    Uniqueness meets Tradition

    With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our jewelers are among the world's most established and respected. ICE FROM NORTH weaves together the essence of street and fashion culture. For us, jewelry goes beyond being just an accessory; they reflect your unique self and are a manifestation of who you are.

    Ready for All Moments

    Our jewelery is designed for everyday use - whether you are at work, out on the town or just on the go. With our quality and style, you'll always feel prepared and at your best, whatever the occasion. With ICE FROM NORTH by your side, you are ready for everything life has to offer.

    Sustainable Luxury

    We are committed to ethical trade by choosing lab-simulated diamonds over blood diamonds. With our jewellery, you not only get timeless beauty, but also a symbol of integrity and responsibility.


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    What is included?

    • Your Jewelry.
    • North Jewelry box.
    • Jewelry cloth.
    • Material certificate and a 2-year warranty.

    What is the difference between their gold bound chains and gold plated?

    Our NORTH products are made from the finest and most durable precious metals, from solid gold to sterling silver. Our gold-bound chains are made by encasing a chain of 925 sterling silver or stainless steel with an amount of solid gold that is 3-5 times more than ordinary gold plating. This first-class process is carefully carried out by skilled jewelers in Italy.

    Most out there offer cheap gold plated chains with a thin layer of gold painted over the steel, while we go way beyond the standard to ensure quality and durability.

    How do I find my size?

    On the product page, you will find a size guide just above the "Add to basket" button for all our products.

    What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

    We'll give you your money back!

    Yes, all our jewelery comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it's within our return period and the piece doesn't suit you, send it back and we'll give you a full refund.

    Can I buy North jewelery on other sites?

    As is often said, imitation is the sincerest form of praise. However, not all imitations are worth your time or money. Genuine NORTH jewelery can only be bought directly from our official website, . By selling directly to you, we ensure both the authenticity of each piece of jewelery and the most competitive prices by eliminating intermediaries.

    Unfortunately, we have discovered copycat websites that falsely claim to sell our products, often using our own photos and videos. Be aware of such scam websites. Things to look for include:

    • Price differences: Low prices may indicate that the product is of lower quality.
    • Long delivery times: This can be a sign of dropshipping, where products are often shipped from places like China with long wait times.
    • Unclear return conditions: Difficult return processes, especially to international addresses, can be both expensive and risky.

    To ensure quality, authenticity and a first-class customer experience, we always recommend shopping directly from our official website.


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