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The best gifts for her: Top jewelery from ICE FROM NORTH

Finding the perfect gift for her can be a challenge. Fortunately, ICE FROM NORTH has a wide selection of jewelery to suit every taste and budget. Here's our list of the best gifts for her, ranked from the most expensive to the most affordable options.

NO. 1: Ambient Necklace - 12mm Gold

12mm ambient gold chain for women

This necklace offers the most shine for the money and is a great choice for those who want an eye-catching piece of jewellery.

NO. 2: Cuban Necklace - 14mm Gold

14mm Cuban link gold necklace for women

Our best selling necklace for women and a great addition to any jewelery collection.

NO. 3: 3mm Flare Chain + Ankh Jewelry Set - Gold

3mm flare tennis necklace for her

This is our best-selling jewelery set, perfect for those who want a complete set with both necklace and pendant.

NO. 4: Heart Locket Custom Picture Pendant

Heart medallion, heart locket image

Our best-selling custom photo pendant, a personalized gift she'll appreciate.

NO. 5: Just A Nail Bracelet

cartier just a nail bracelet

Our best-selling new product, a stylish and modern bracelet that goes with any outfit.

NO. 6: Cuban Bracelet - 14mm Gold

14mm cuban link bracelet gold

This is our best-selling Cuban link bracelet, a timeless and elegant choice.

NO. 7: Flare Necklace - 3mm White Gold

3mm tennis necklace ladies

Our best-selling minimalist bling option on the list, perfect for those who want an understated yet luxurious piece of jewellery.

NO. 8: Herringbone Necklace - 3mm Gold

herring bone plain gold necklace choker

This is our best selling plain gold alternative, a

classic and elegant necklace that suits every occasion.

NO. 9: Flare Bracelet - 3mm White Gold

3mm flare tennis bracelet ladies

The most affordable bling option on the list, a beautiful and simple bracelet that goes with any style.

Whatever style she prefers, this list of the best gifts for her from ICE FROM NORTH will help you find the perfect piece of jewelry. From the most luxurious to the more affordable options, there is something for every taste and budget.


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