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How to choose the perfect necklace length for your style

Choosing the perfect necklace length can be a challenging task. Factors such as body type, face shape and personal style come into play when finding the ideal length. In this article, we'll share some tips to help you find the perfect necklace length for your style.

Necklace lengths and body types

Different necklace lengths suit different body types. Here is a short overview of which lengths are best for different body types:

  1. Short necklaces (18 inch / 45 cm): These necklaces are well suited for those with a slim or petite physique. Short necklaces give the illusion of height and emphasize the collarbone.
  2. Medium length necklaces (20 inch / 50 cm): Suitable for those with an average to tall build. Medium length necklaces give a balanced look and can be easily styled with other jewellery.
  3. Long necklaces (22 inch / 55 cm and longer): Ideal for those with a taller or larger build. Long necklaces can have a slimming effect and create a sense of depth.

Face shape and necklace length

Your face shape can also affect which necklace length suits you best. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Round face: Choose longer necklaces that create an elongating effect. Avoid short necklaces that emphasize the roundness of the face.
  2. Oval Face: This face goes well with most necklace lengths. Choose a length that highlights your best features.
  3. Square face: Choose medium or long necklaces that soften the facial lines.
  4. Heart-shaped face: Short and medium-length necklaces work well for this face shape, as they emphasize the cheekbones and collarbone.

Necklace styles and personal style

When choosing a necklace length, it is important to consider your personal style. Here are some tips:

  1. Minimalist style: Choose simple, plain jewelery with short or medium lengths that can be styled with other jewellery.
  2. Classic style: Choose timeless necklaces, such as solid gold necklaces with diamonds , in medium or long lengths to suit all occasions.
  3. Bohemian style: Choose long necklaces with unique pendants or layered necklaces that give a bohemian look.
    1. Trendy Style: Keep up with the latest jewelry trends and experiment with different necklace lengths and styles.


    Finding the perfect necklace length can be easier when you consider your body type, face shape and personal style. Remember that the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in the jewelry you wear. Explore ICE FROM NORTH for a large selection of necklaces and other jewelery selections to suit your style and preferences.

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    Good luck finding the perfect necklace length that suits your style and taste!


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